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Side event of the Warsaw Climate Change Conference COP 19

When: Thursday, 14 November 2013, 2pm -6:30pm

Where: Warsaw, Poland, pl. Defilad (special temporary construction of the City of Warsaw)

How: Individual presentations and debate

Languages: Polish, English (Gernan, French - TBC)

Main organisers: GreenZone Foundation and Heinrich Böll Stiftung Poland

Partnership: Embassy of Federal Republic of Germany, Institute for Eco-development, the City of Warsaw

With the participation in the debate of the MEPs of Green/EFA EP group present at that time in Warsaw.


Conference message:

In the face of resource depletion and advancing climate change, energy transition towards sustainable/low carbon energy is becoming a necessity. Such a transition can also be an opportunity - to increase economic competitiveness and create jobs, to improve the quality of life through a cleaner environment, etc. However, this process should be based on a large public debate, in which citizens are an equal partner in a comprehensive and transparent discussion on the future of energy and on the way of life we want to pass on to future generations.

The idea:

The climate summit in Warsaw provides an opportunity to promote the energy transitions of EU pillar countries such as France and Germany.

For Germany, the abandonment of nuclear energy and the development of renewable energy are the most important. In France, the debate is ongoing, but the orchestration and ambition of the debate itself is worth promotion.  New ideas, like “circular economy," enter the debate to show that energy transition is just the beginning of profound systemic transformation that must happen in the future. Poland’s economy is based on coal, which is considered a national resource (even if more and more of the coal is imported). Poland’s transition to low-carbon energy seems to be possible mostly through energy efficiency, which we would like to promote.  We would also like to provide the Polish government the opportunity to share with the international public its ministerial vision of the energy future of Poland, in the context of climate change.


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